Our Strategy

  • ONAAR Development Organization has the code of ethics, organizational implementing strategy and M&E best policies of Accountability and Transparency. ONAAR aims to improve the condition of people. In doing so, ONAAR commits it selves to the ethical principles as under;

      The ONAAR Development Organization engaged in diversified activities within the ONE constituency, and that constituency is the PUBLIC.

  • ONAAR aims to work in partnership of society, based on Justice, Equality, Transparency, Accountability and Respect of Human Rights.
  • ONAAR is not aligned or affiliated to any political or Religious groups.
  •  ONAAR’s activities are carried out without any discrimination of nationality, casts, color, sex, disability, religion or political affiliation.
  • ONAAR respects the Values, Dignity, Culture and Religion of the communities.
  • ONAAR provides public, the targeted or focused groups of population, donor and government with accurate information about all activities, Finances and other relevant information.
  • ONAAR ensures that its Relationships with funding agencies/Donors are honest and transparent.
  • For the Quality of work, ONAAR conducts regular monitoring and evaluation of the organizational management and the program.
  • For ensuring the participatory approach, the ONAAR ensures the participation of its Focused or Targeted groups/stakeholders in development process.
  • ONAAR actively participates in development sector networks and events to improve coordination disseminate information, share experiences.
  • ONAAR internally conducts and documents regularly information-sharing meetings and also externally makes its available reports.
  • The Executive Management committee (Project Committees) meets regularly and meetings are documented, for decision making processes.
  • ONAAR describes the Fundraising communication accurately for the organization/ONAAR identity, purpose, programs and scope of achievements.
  • For the betterment or Rights of the staff, ONAAR has clear and fair written staff Policies and procedures.
  • ONAAR has the policies and procedures to promote Gender Equity.

ONAAR is a value based organization and believes in practicing transparency, mutual respect, gender sensitivity, honesty & integrity, impartiality, participation and accountability.

Our Activities