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What We Do



  • To mobilize and utilize local resources through the active involvement of communities.
  • To empower and involve children and women folk in development process
  • To provide all kinds of available support to the rural, marginalized and vulnerable communities
  • To carry out income generation activities and eradicate dependency syndrome
  • Provide quality services to organizations for determination of baseline, program reviews/assessment, program evaluations and any other special program/development sectors.

Thematic Areas 

  • Advocacy, Health, Education, Livelihood,  Awareness Raising
  • Infrastructure development, Agriculture, Skills development
  • Human Rights, Child Rights & women Rights, Democratic Rights
  •  Research, Microfinance & Enterprises
  • Training and development.

Cross-Cutting Themes

  • Women & Child Rights Protection
  • Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
  • Environment
  • Helping Older People and PWDs in Emergencies (HOPE)

Achievements or What we have done

v  ONAAR Development Organization recently signed MOU for three year in District Mansehra as IP Partner on Advocacy and Awareness Raising of Child Rights & Protection with a National Based NGO “Sahil” working on “Child Sexual Abuse”. This project is funded by European Commission. ToT training and Awareness Raising session. ONAAR proved and got appreciation letter by “Sahil”Pic: à



ONAAR  joined as a member of Pakistan Human Resource Network (PHRN) Islamabad. At the district level ONAAR is already a member of “Child Rights Advocacy Network” (CRAN) District Mansehra just from the day first. ONAAR attends regularly monthly meetings of CRAN at CRAN secretariat or at any other Hosted member. From the platform of CRAN, ONAAR conducted many activities, e.g. Jail visits to assess child rights of minors in the jail, visits of SOS village, sweet Home etc.



v  ONAAR Development Organization conducted Child Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN) Project. Project was the Baseline Survey regarding the issues of Child Rights and Protection in District Mansehra. Project Donor was Save the Children Sweden (SCS). “Child Rights & Protection” situation analysis through base line survey / Data Collection by Six Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) & House holds in 8 Union Councils of  Tehsil Oghi District Mansehra. Compiled Report of this base line survey of child rights situational analysis has published. Pic:


v  ONAAR Development Organization had started its struggle just from the first and initial times when the activists of Organization gathered and got the line of action. Very first time ONAAR made and arranged the Repairing of the Sanitation system in the central village of UC, named Shergarh. Expenses of  this   work/Activity  have been born by the community. Secondly, A walk on the Universal day of Child – 20th Nov with the collaboration of Save the Children Sweden, at Shergarh. Next year in the same style a Walk has been made by the collaboration of SCS, children with different schools and community. A special “Walk” for Save the Children (against Drugs) has been done, and other program on “Education For All” (EFA) also have been done for Awareness Raising. Pic:->



v  ONAAR Development Organization pointed out and provided Shelters to the shelterless families in UC shergarh with the cooperation of Save the Children Sweden (SCS). In other side SCS  has made two CDLC (Child Development & Learning Center)  with the cooperation of ONAAR, and after the completion of SCS project these two CDLC centers are handed over to the ONAAR Development Organization Shergarh.

v  In parallel, the IRC-PRIDE  Project introduced and initiated a new style  and methodology of the Advocacy of Health issues. For the said purpose formatted Health Management Committees in the UCs/BHUs of District Mansehra through its IP partner SRSP. And PRIDE–SRSP Project, formatted HMC Shergarh, the sub committee of ONAAR Development Organization as all members of HMC are in the ONAAR. Most of the health issues are highlighted and few are dressed. HMC shergarh granted funds for the community development project under the USAID SGP Program. This grant valued amounting PKR 10,00,000 with the 20 % of community share. HMC/ONAAR utilized these funds on two projects, 1st  is Clean Drinking Water Supply Scheme (DWSS) (8 Hand Pumps) & 2nd  is  PPC of Street Pavement (716 ft). Pic




Besides this ONAAR arranged and managed the Medical Camps in the UC office and BHU shergarh.


Capacity Building

To ensure organizational Growth and Development, in parallel ONAAR Development Organization members got different Trainings/workshops and attended seminars & other programs arranged by different NGOs and Social Welfare Department for the capacity building of the members specially. ONAAR  Development Organization members are qualified & skilled in different manners. e.g;

DRR , M & E and Assessment Techniques Training by IRM MDP / UNDP, DRR training by RedR UK, Training on the Rights of Older people & PWDs by  Helpage International, Para Counseling training by Sahil, TOT consists of Five Phases by USAID PRIDE, Leadership and Management Skill Training (LMST) by SRSP, Project Management, Project Proposal Development & Project Cycle by USAID, Sustainable Livelihood Approaches by SUNGI, Hygiene & Sanitation Practice by IRC, Sensitization workshop on UN Conventions by who, Advocacy and Planning workshop by SRSP,  Community Management Skill Training by Save the children Sweden, workshop of “PTC” (Parent Teacher Council) by SCS, Child Rights & Child Protection, Child to Child” Program (C to C) by SCS.



Our Activities